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At Providence Will Protect, we take onboard that everybody's personal situation is different and as such we tailor our services to individual client needs.​

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25 Years of Experience

Providence Will Protect takes the difficult and often lengthy process of writing a Will and works with clients to tailor a document specific to their needs.

We have been writing Wills for more than 25 years, taking the lead communicating with clients, visiting them regardless of their location to best understand the requirements of their estate.


Writing a Will needn't be difficult, but it is important. Call now for a free consultation and let us guide you through the process.

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Lasting Power of Attorney

quick - simple - affordable

Putting in place a Lasting Power of Attorney can appear as simple as filling in a form, however a mistake can lead to increase costs and unnecessary delays.


Providence Will Protect has access to the government portal, not only speeding up the process of the application but giving us the knowledge of whether an application will be successful, prior to submission.

We believe in being open and fair with our clients; which is why the price you are quoted from the start remains fixed and only payable once you have received your application.

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Justice for You

Going through Probate is a much unwanted strain following the loss of a loved one. With this in mind, here at PWP we use our expertise in the field to work through such issues quickly and efficiently.


By communicating with our clients directly, and making the effort to visit you personally, we are able to reduce the strain that the process would normally involve.


Over the years we have dealt with a range of client estates and have grown to be ready for any eventuality.


As always, we believe in affordability and fairness. We provide our clients with a fixed price from the start, with no hidden fees, only payable upon completion of the probate.


Unlike other probate solicitors, who charge you by the hour, you must feel able to call us with a question or a problem at anytime, completely free of charge.

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Financial Planning and Analysis

Data Analysis | Cost Analysis | Investment Appraisal

Our financial planners understand their clients' life situations in depth. They advise on topics such as risk management, investment, estate planning, tax, education planning, mortgages and pension planning; some will specialise in certain areas.


We can help our clients to organise their financial lives. whether that involves saving for the future or assembling an investment portfolio.

We have clients who are accountants, solicitors, sports professionals, business owners and much more.

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Secure Will Storage

Peace of Mind

NEW for 2021:

A Will is only valid in it's original printed and signed form; making it an indispensable and highly valuable piece of paper.

Many people die interstate because their Will has been lost, damaged, or in some cases, interfered with by someone else.

To set your mind at ease, we have developed a new element to our business for this year, offering clients the ability to store their documents safely with us, in the knowledge they are protected from theft, fire and flood.


Speak to us now for free, no obligation advice. Call us on... 01925 967 191

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