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BLOG: Preparing Wills in COVID times

The UK finds itself in an unknown existence, causing us to work differently to how we have previously.

An area of our industry that has been thrust into the spotlight as a result is that of Wills and Probate and the laws that govern them. Specifically, the way in which a Will can be validated and the previous need for a witness to make it legally binding.

Discussions between the Law Society and the Ministry of Justice to change the formality of the way in which we sign Wills has been taking place through the last 9 months. Up until recently, a Will had to be signed in the presence of two witnesses to be valid. The rules stated that the witnesses could not be a family member, or anyone named in the Will for that matter, therefore becoming impossible with the current social distancing rules in place.

A balance has been found with new legislation allowing for much of the process to be carried out using a mixture of online platforms such as video calling and email, as well as other traditional but all the same distancing methods of telephone conversation and post.

This development has made it easier for both solicitors and clients to work together during these uncertain times to produce a document in a timely manner.

If you’d like to discuss anything that you have read in this blog please feel free to discuss it directly with one of our specialists on 01925 967 525

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